Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

My husband and I had such a lovely day today! We did not have to be to work early so we got to sleep in a bit and then went to lunch together at our favorite place...Tomato Pie. Don't bother looking for them on the web, he doesn't even take credit cards. They are in North Park and they are yummy!

We separated for the afternoon, he went to the office and I went to Whole Foods to grocery shop for Easter dinner which we will have at our house this year. I am making lamb stew and will post the recipe soon so you can make it...oh sooo good!

We met back home at 6 pm and then left for a Good Friday service at our church. The room was dim with candle light and there was a somber feeling in the room. It was beautiful. Sean and I walked in late and the room was so full we had to stand in the back. It's hard to describe the time in words. It was humbling, emotional, sad, yet safe.

My heart swelled a bit to know that Jesus loves me so much that he died for me a brutal death. He died for all of us that brutal death. How can that be? It just is and I can't wait to go back to church on Sunday so we can finish the story. He is risen!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The lemon

Some of my friends have labeled me a "food snob" or "no preservatives queen" and I am okay with that. I have used food in my life to heal and sustain me and I can speak from experience that it works.

This is the time of year when we can't wait for spring to come. We want to be outside and put our flip flops on and have that yummy, glowy skin and of course we want to be in good shape to wear those spring/summer clothes. We put away our heavy clothes and our bulky shoes and bring out our bright colored clothes and tank tops...yay!!!

We should do the same with our food. About this time of year is when I attempt to clean out all the "winter" in my body and bring on the "spring." It is detox time!

Start simple but powerful. Lemon water is your friend. When I say lemon water, I mean no drinking anything else...only lemon water. Now if you are a coffee drinker or wine with dinner drinker, that is fine, just not in excess. Herbal teas are fine to drink too. Lemon is so powerful for your body and immune system and skin. I try to drink 3 liters of lemon water a day. Use your whole lemon too. If you have a garbage disposal put your lemon in there and it will make the kitchen smell yummy and the acidic properties in the lemon will be a great disinfectant for your disposal. I also grate the skin of my lemon and put it in a small bowl on my window seals when I can open the windows and it will fill the house with a nice lemon smell with no toxins. You can have that lemon smell when you can't open your windows. Just slice your lemons and heat them in water on the stove, let it come to a boil and then take the heat way down to let it simmer.

I don't use chemicals in my house so these are great ways for me to get that great smell with out spending the money on products that can be dangerous to me and Sean. God gave us this great little lemon...we should use it.

I guess this post has turned into the super lemon post. I have even know people who have squeezed a lemon and use the juice with a cotton ball to apply to their face for acne. You can dilute your lemon juice with warm water (half and half) and use it as a facial wash. I use lemon water in a squirt bottle in summer for my hair for natural highlights. I also use my lemon on my cutting boards with just a touch of water and salt to clean and sanitize them. They are wood so cannot go in the dishwasher so that is a great way to clean with lemon.

Well now that we have used our entire lemon we should get back to detox. Like I said, start simple but powerful. Don't take it all on at once. If you can't be disciplined to drink water with lemon in it and take out all your soda and juice then you will never be able to change your diet of food. Oh and by the way...don't put sugar in your water, that defeats the purpose. However, you can heat your water and put a bit of organic honey in it if you like the sweetness.

Let's see how it goes. I will be picking up my lemons tomorrow!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Chris Solomon

Today was a sad day. My mom had to put our family dog of 14 years to sleep. His name was Chris and we got him from the pound 14 years ago. The good thing is that this dog had never been sick a day in his life. He became ill quickly and we were going to put him asleep 2 weeks ago and when my mom came in the kitchen to get him, he jumped up off his blanket and barked at my mom and then after not eating anything for more than a week he ate lunch meat...he wasn't ready to go.

Today he was ready to go. He is buried in my uncle's back yard under a big oak tree. This is for sure going to be a big change for my mom and sister. She loved that dog so very much.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Well for the three of you that are reading my blog...I changed the template again. I am still learning all the cool stuff I can do and I decided today to take some time to change it up. I am sure I will change it again at sometime, but you will never be bored that is for sure.

Tonight Sean and I went to Northway to say goodbye to John and Jenny Huber. He has been one of the pastors at Northway for 12 years and I met him while he was the middle school pastor when I volunteered with the youth a few years ago. Their family has been called to Kansas City to work with a church there. It was great to see some of the kids I used to hang out with in middle school. These kids are getting ready to go to college now....what?!?! Change is crazy!

Working with the middle school was one of the biggest blessings in my life. I learned so much from those kids. I loved being on missions trips and just getting to watch them grow. I learned a lot from John over the years so it is sad to see him go, but I know he and Jenny will be such a gift to Kansas.

I have never been a person that is crazy about change, but I could also say that I crave change. My mom and I used to move almost every year when I was younger and every apartment we would go to we would cry until it felt like home. It always did in a few weeks, but it took time to make it ours, it took time to make it through the change.

Sean and I are moving to a new apartment in Shadyside in June. We have been waiting to move since we moved in here, but he is ready for the emotional afraid of change Jen to come out a bit in the summer. It will be home soon enough.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

# 2

My husband is in the air right now on his way back from sxsw in Austin Texas...YAY!!! I figured while I wait for his midnight arrival it would be a good time to work on my second blog post.

I did have the birthday party with dinner and yummy cake and most important my family and friends...a priceless gift. Pictures of course are still sitting in camera, coming soon!

The pilates class I teach at Oakland was great too. I enjoy teaching that class so very much. As a pilates instructors we run into all kinds of "politics" with this method called Pilates and when I am teaching at Oakland it is pure peace. My goal is to meet their goals and have fun doing it, it is just a great time.

I had a sad moment this week when I had to cancel a trip to visit my dearest friend Leah Leach in Detroit, MI. Both of our husbands were out of town and it was a perfect time for me to drive up to visit her in her new city (she just got married in January) but I couldn't go:( I had some responsibilities that I had to deal with and I realized a few days before my trip that my license had expired as well as my inspection on our car. Boy, do I know how to stay on top of things. Everything in me wanted to say "who cares, I am going" but then the responsible side of me stepped in and said "no you should stay and get this stuff taken care of " craaaaap. I miss her dearly and can't wait to see her asap. I wish everyone could have a friend like Leah. She is one of the biggest blessings in my life. For those of you that know know exactly what I mean.

She is a blogger too so you can see for yourself how great she is...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

long time coming

My first blog post!! I have been wanting to start this blog for a while and have not had any idea what to call it so I excuse. Here I am blogging and so far so good. I was watching the Fine Living Network today and I love the whole network and I thought "I am totally going to steal from them" and I took the name! I honestly have been racking my brain to think of a name that would perfectly suit this blog and what I would want to write about. I would have never started. I enjoy fine living. I guess everyone has their different idea of "fine living" and I would love to know what that is for everyone.

My husband registered my name as it's own domain for my birthday and that is what pushed me to start, really start! He is awesome and wonderful and so brilliant and talented so if I could be 1/1,000,000 as computer savy as him...I will take it. I figured blogging would be a good place to start.

Tonight I will be teaching a free pilates class at our church in Oakland. I teach it every Thursday night at 6pm and I love it!!! I wanted to start a ministry for our new satellite campus church so I figured this would be good. We have such a good time.

After class we will go to my mom's to celebrate my birthday (which was last week) and my aunt Char bday with cake and good food. I will post some pictures if I remember.

I think I am really going to enjoy this blogging thing!