Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gilmore Girls

Sean is in San Francisco this week and we just now had a chance to talk on the phone to say "hi" to each other. I have been at work all day and did not have a moment to sit or even send him a text. And he has been running all day there too. I am so proud of him. I miss him when he is gone (9 whole nights this time) but I just think of him being there and doing what he does best and it puts a smile on my face! I can't tell you how blessed I am to have such an amazing, gifted, selfless, thoughtful, brilliant husband. I admire him so much!

I will say though that it has been a good week so far. I had my 5th class in homeopathy all day Saturday and we had such a brilliant, well seasoned doctor there to lecuture all day. It was great!! My sister has spent the night at my house (since I don't stay alone at night) and that has been such a great blessing. We stayed up on Sunday night until 4 am watching season 6 of Gilmore Girls. We couldn't stop. At one point (3:15 am) we went in to go to bed and both looked at each other and I said " we could bring my computer in here and watch one more and then fall asleep." We both knew at this point it had turned into a sickness, but we were okay with that. Sure enough we watched one more episode and then fell asleep. Can you believe that girl got up the next morning for school...she is amazing and her brother in- law would be proud.

I on the other hand was sick most of the day from lack of sleep. I feel great now, but I just can't hang like I used to. We only stayed up until 1:20 am on Monday night to continue the season. I made it to work today and felt great. I could never put in words how precious she is to me. It's a love that is hard if not impossible to explain and I will treasure this week that we have been together.

I should get going to bed now and attempt a good night's rest. We took tonight off from Gilmore Girls, but I am sure we will continue strong tomorrow.

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Leah said...

Sooooo much fun! I don't remember if I followed season 6 or not. I kind of checked out towards the end there. I hope it continues to be a blast and that your 9 days are over soon! :-)