Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Miami Beach

Sean and I just got back last night from a long weekend in Miami Beach. I have to say we are sad to be back. We were able to go for a long weekend and stayed with my dear friend Kristy who lives there. By the way she is an amazing photographer and you should check out her website even if you don't need a photographer because her photos are great to look at.

For those of you that know me I have been trying to get back to Florida ever since I moved back from there 5 years ago. When I got married to the most amazing man ever it didn't seem to be such a big deal because I could live anywhere with Sean and be so happy! We both love Miami Beach. It has a bit of an urban feel to it, so even know you are on the beach it has a bit of a busy, fast paced feel to it. It is a young, exciting area.

Sean and I spent a lot of our time with Kristy and her boyfriend Spencer. We sat at the beach and had amazing dinners. One thing Sean and I LOVE is that we sat down for our dinner at 11:30 pm and the place was packed and still packed when we left after 1am. We can't have dinner here past 10pm unless we are at eat n sad.

I always travel with my vitamin C for my daily take, but especially if I get a bit of sunburn (which I did.) I use alba sunscreen spf 15 with aloe vera. I LOVE this sunscreen!! I will never use anything else. My husband has never been able to wear sunscreen because he reacts so bad to it and his skin would just peel off the instant he would ever put sunscreen on and this works for him! You should check them out, I use a lot of there products. I also could not live with out there body oil. It is also part of their Hawaiian line of products.

I make my own body scrub to get ready for the beach. You always want to exfoliate your skin, but especially this time of year to get rid of all your winter skin and get that nice glow. I make a sugar scrub. I use organic raw cane sugar and pour that into a cup and add 2Tbs of organic honey and 2 Tbs of the alba organic body oil. You can use any oil you have in your kitchen. Olive oil or almond oil will work great too. You don't have to be so exact with your measurements either. If you are using it in the shower and know you are using if for your whole body then make what you think you will use. This is such a great way to use what you have and then you don't worry about the pricey stuff you buy at the store with preservatives in it and you don't pay for the packaging and it is great. The alba oil has a yummy beach smell to it, but if you want to add a plain oil and still have a nice scent, then add a couple drops of you favorite essential oil like lavender or peppermint.

Make sure to shave AFTER you exfoliate or it will burn. You want to stimulate the hair shaft and get rid of all the dead skin and you will get the closest, smoothest shave ever. Exfoliate first, shave second.

Make sure to always finish with a nice lotion, cream or oil when you get out of the shower. If you are using an oil, make sure you are not completely dry when you apply it or you will end up a bit greasy. You should apply it before you towel dry.

Well those are some of my beach tips. I hope they help. I would love to tell you I read some great book while we were gone, but I didn't. We did a bunch of nothing which is so important to do. We had a fabulous time and can't wait to get back!

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