Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pilates Week

Tomorrow I start Pilates Week at our church. I teach a free pilates class at church every Thursday at 6pm and it has really turned into an amazing class. I decided to have this week of class for a donation of $20 and donate all the money to Urban Impact which is an inner city ministry right here in Pittsburgh.

They are still working on their site, but you will get an idea of who they are. My husband and I are friends with Seth and Niki who work for Urban Impact and really got a glimpse of what an amazing ministry this is.

The week is planned like this...

Monday 7 pm
Tuesday 7pm
Wednesday 7pm (this night will be taught by Sarah who is one of the girls in the class who is an aerobics instructor, we decided to mix it up a bit and besides, she rocks!!)
Thursday 6 pm (followed by hang out time with the girls and of course snack time)
Saturday 11 am (followed by a lunch and then a trip to watch the kids from Urban Impact play soccer)

I planned the week on short notice so I am praying for a great big turnout so we can have a great donation for Urban Impact!

This class has turned into such a great ministry and a huge blessing in my life. I love Thursday nights and am looking forward to this week so much!

I will keep you all posted as to how it goes. Please pray that we have a great big turnout and great fellowship with all the girls and just have a great trip to Urban Impact. I would be happy to answer any questions you have and if you would like more info on Urban Impact I would be glad to put you in contact with Seth.


Mary Beth said...

When are you going to start your Fine Living Video Pilates? I would pay for a subscription to have you be my Pilates Instructor via internet!

It's a business waiting to happen. AND we could do it on our schedule... just log in... and... die from all the strenuous exercise you put us through!

Leah said...

I love it! I wish I were there to participate. I'm so proud of you and glad that you're using your gifts in so many different ways! Miss you bunches.