Thursday, May 1, 2008

Life Wish

Yesterday I watched David Blane hold his breath under water for 17 min 4.4 seconds on the Oprah show. No illusions, or magic just his mind and his body keeping him under water for 17 min 4.4 seconds. He broke the Guiness Book of World Records. The last man who did this was from Switzerland and he just made that record in February 2008...bummer for him. His time was 16 minutes 32 seconds.

Anyway watching him do this yesterday made me think. I almost didn't watch it because I thought "Oh come on you are going to die on live television!!!" I watched...he didn't die. It made me think how powerful our bodies and our minds truly are. Our God gave us theses amazing tools to be able to do amazing things. All we have to do is take care of it. It usually means a change of lifestyle which for most of us is not so fun, but too bad, it is important.

I have been on an elimination diet for about 5 days now to rule out a food allergy I may have. The first couple of days were great and the next couple of days I realized that I am making a big life change and I also realized how bad I wanted a cheese burger with a nice cold beer and a chocolate brownie for dessert. I can have none of these, but it is for a good reason and hopefully temporary. I am trying to heal my body without taking some pill that will take away a symptom and make me feel like I am all better...sorry I can get a bit fierce with the drug companies.

I have a book that I LOVE called Healing Foods Nutrition for the Mind, Body and Spirit by Michael Van Straten. You should all have this book and you should challenge yourself to know what you eat and what it does for your body which is your temple.

David Blane trained for months to get his body in the perfect condition for this mind blowing event. He made his mind and body complete the task and all with diet and exercise and meditation. I am fascinated by that. It made me think my 2 or 3 month elimination diet is nothing compared to that...bring it on!

Oprah asked him if he had a death wish on the show and he chuckled and I think he thought she was crazy. He said..."no, I have a life wish." I loved that.

What do you have a life wish for? Do you know how powerful your mind and body really are? What are you putting in your body to keep it strong and healthy? Keep track of what you eat in a day or even a week and know what it is doing for your body. Do you eat it just because it taste yummy or because it is vital for your life? Do you pack your diet full of "fat free" or "diet" products? Please don't, they generally are terrible for you. Just eat stuff that is fat free naturally like fruit. Of course I eat because it is yummy. For those of you that know me, you know how much I love food, I mean I really love it. If I am going to eat a cookie, I don't want it to be fat free, I will just eat less of them.

Right now I have a banana bread in the oven that is made with rice flour and no eggs or sugar. I will let you know how it is and pass along the recipe if it is yummy. I will tell you it will be the healthiest banana bread I will ever eat and I love that I know every ingredient in it and what it will do for my body.

I hope you take on this challenge. We usually are more particular about what we put in our car and not what we put in our mouth, that is scary. I am happy to help with this challenge if you have any questions. I have been using food as a healer for my mind and body for almost 15 years now.

My bell just went of for the banana bread...we'll see.

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