Sunday, May 18, 2008


Sean and I are in the process of moving these next couple of weeks. Today my wonderful in-laws came in and we all went to church together and then they helped us move some furniture. We successfully moved all the furniture and boxes we had planned to move and even managed to execute some of our "stretch goals" which always makes my husband happy. He is a bit of a plan maker and I do my best to help execute the plan which does not always happen being the free spirit that I am, but we always get it done.

The apartment we are in now is a bit empty which is a good thing and quite a mess, but as I was making dinner for us tonight I realized I am the happiest girl alive! With all the stress of moving and learning how to be a married couple that comes from two different backgrounds ... I have never felt so in love with Sean.

It is such a gift to grow with someone and learn from them and how you will work together forever and a day, what a blessing.

We will be in our new apartment on June 1st and we are so excited!

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