Friday, January 2, 2009


I am really going to try and write more this year. It is one of my "goals" in 2009. I have kept journals since I was 11 years old. They started as the lock and key diaries and over the years grew into beautiful journals with silk and flowers and paper that felt so soft and nice to write on. I would usually fill a journal a year. I would always know I could go to the end of a journal to find out what I was doing in December. Well I don't have such a journal for the last couple of years which is devastating because the last two years have been the best two years of my life! I met my Sean, my husband and I don't have much of that documented. I will start now.

It is amazing how I can look back over the years and read an entry in a journal and it would bring me back right to that moment...the smell in the air, the mood I was feeling when I wrote that entry, what was going on around me. Sometimes it was wonderful and other times it would send chills up my spine to know that is the life I chose to live. I am so thankful that we have a Father that forgives and heals and loves unconditionally.

This blogging journal is new to me. I have always been more of a pen and paper kind of girl and I would say that I absolutely still am. I will start a new journal this year right here on the little gray box I hold in my lap and the pretty satiny one that I will use my own handwriting in.

I have images of our children when they are grown looking through my beautiful journals and looking at my handwriting and reading about my life. I would give anything to have journals from my mom, to see how she wrote, to hear her fears and joys. I can't imagine a better gift. Proof of life.

This Christmas and New Year's was one of my favorite. My heart felt so big and filled with joy I thought it was gonna bust. I am so blessed and I want to document it so when I think I am having such a bad day or time in life and I can read back and know how blessed I really am.

I am documenting right now that I really love my life!